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So along with I AM which will be about positive affirmations for kids I am working on a YA novel with a title that is a work in progress. The main cha...

Thoughts on Gods or Guardians in stories

August 31, 2017

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Learning and failing and Getting Back Up Update

August 24, 2017

Hey everyone. Sorry things have been quite. As of right now Secret At the End of Book print version will be on hold. I've look at every angle and have slowly come to the realization that the illustrations will have to be redone before it can be available for print version.


I am not sure when that can happen. I will try to update as that moves a long however I will turn most of my efforts to I AM for the time being. I am really excited for this project. Speaking positive into our life and in the lives of others.



Another project is Hero. Hero is the story of life with my sister. A quote from one of my favorite books is "“Every man is a hero if he strives more for others than for himself alone.” ― Lloyd Alexander, The High King


I love this quote but I also like to take it another way. "Every one is a Hero is they strive to be more than they were yesterday."


How that is taken is up to individual's views however this was something I saw in my sister everyday. She had every reason to give up. She was non verbal, two bad legs from "unexplainable falls" she had in high school. One lung. She almost died twice. Our family loved her yet I have to tell you, life was pretty rough with her.


Yet she smiled. She found something to laugh at everyday. There were days she would just look up and start laughing like no tomorrow. I always wondered what went through her head. What ran through her mind?


Her story is one I am excited and hopeful to share with you all.


Well this last experience with publishing a book has been a good learning experience for me if hard. I want to thank you readers for staying patient with me.



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